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SEIT Laser Technology for Tajima Embroidery Machines

As part of the Hirsch line of high quality embellishment equipment, Seit Electtronica has been a world leader in the development of textile laser technology for over 30 years. Seit has obtained multiple patents on their innovative cutting-edge processes. Seit works directly with Tajima and Pulse Microsystems in their development of laser technology, making it a true family of strategic partners.

Laser technology from Seit Electtronica has made its mark in the decorated apparel market by increasing product values while reducing application times. Cutting intricate appliqués with almost any material desired will expand anyones product line to the highest it can be. Producing trendy reverse appliqué, multi-layer appliqués and multi-media appliqués are easy, efficient and cost effective. Etching applications that are measured in seconds for a highly profitable program that requires no hooping.

Seit Bridge Laser Technology can achieve unsurpassed cost reductions by dramatically reducing stitch counts and replacing them with textured materials for a greater dimensional look. Applications have been reduced by over 400% from traditional methods, eliminating many tedious processes.

Hirsch offers three options from Seit Electtronica, Textile Laser Bridge designed to be constructed over your current equipment as well as the ever so popular Single Head Laser. Soon to be released will be the Standalone laser that incorporates the highly sophisticated Bridge laser features but in a self standing system.

Seit Electtronica are exclusively distributed in North America by Hirsch International, the Industry's leading supplier of commercial apparel decorating equipment.

SSHL-110 Single Head Laser



SL10-300 - Textile Laser Bridge 

SEIT Electtronica Textile Bridge Laser interface with your multi-head embroidery machines to produce intricate applique, stunning laser etching, dazzling sequin effects, incredible reverse applique and unique multi-media designs with great efficiency, amazing detail and lightning speed.

With the SEIT Bridge Laser you can achieve unsurpassed cost reductions through dramatically lower stitch counts via the use of  laser appliqué and etching.  Plus, laser applications have a proven production rate that is 400% faster than traditional methods.

The SEIT SL10-300 Textile Bridge Laser for multi-head embroidery machines incorporates a CO2 Laser on a moving galvanometric (scanning) head attached to a custom length bridge beam. The bridge beam is in turn installed over one or many embroidery machines to allow the laser system to interface with the embroidery production process. Designed to embellish finished garments on tubular embroidery machines (any brand, any model), the SEIT SL10-300 features a working field of 300mm X 300mm.