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Embroidery Networking Solutions

Are you still sending embroidery designs to machines with disks and tapes?
If you are, then you are wasting time and losing profits that are drained by inefficient processes.  Sending designs to machines that are not networked typically takes over 5 minutes per design, compared to only a few seconds with a direct connection or over a network. For any company that deals with more than 20 designs per day, that's a savings of over one and half hours!

Pulse has simplified the power of networking for all embroiderers: our new networking solutions are expandable and affordable, easy to understand, and simple to install.  They require no proprietary networking hardware- most of the components can be picked up from the neighborhood electronics store or ordered over the Internet, making it easy for embroiderers to increase business efficiency.

What's more, you can integrate Tajima Passport by Pulse with a powerful design management system called Librarian to efficiently track and manage thousands of designs.