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Tajima DG/ML by Pulse

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse has the perfect embroidery software solution for your business.

With advanced lettering features, special stitch effects, and sophisticated embroidery creation from vectors, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse embroidery software has all the tools you need to create beautiful embroidery.

Every level of the Tajima DG/ML by Pulse product line is designed for seamless integration with Tajima embroidery machines.  Our exclusive TBF format not only sends designs to your Tajima embroidery machine but also automatically sets the colors for you, saving time and reducing errors.  As the World's leading software brand, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse also connects to virtually every commercial embroidery machine.

Each level of Tajima DG/ML by Pulse embroidery software builds on the previous one, so selecting the right embroidery software for your business is simple. Start with the tools you need and expand your software as your business grows. Enhance your software with optional features to truly customize it for your business needs.


Ambassador lets you change design formats, resize designs, change colors,and more, for free. A big advantage of using Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is the free, easy to use Ambassador software application. Ambassador is built on the same world class stitch engine as our top-of-the-line software, so you are assured of Pulse’s world class stitch quality.

Composer is the perfect software package that incorporates incredible lettering features, outstanding editing and automated digitizing functionality.  Easily integrate your Corel Draw into Composer and see the power of Composer come to life. 

Create customized embroidered text in any shape and style or convert TrueType® fonts to quality satin stitches for beautiful lettering. Add text to merged design files for unlimited design possibilities. Some of the world's largest uniform and apparel companies rely on Tajima DG/ML by Pulse for their professional lettering needs.


With the advanced lettering and outline editing features of Composer, plus professional design creation tools, Creator has everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful.

Take control of your designs.  The intuitive tools in Creator will have you digitizing more of your own designs yourself and outsourcing less.

Illustrator Extreme

Illustrator extreme is our most power-packed, feature-rich software package that provides several digitizing approaches, from traditional to more advanced techniques, for creating premium embroidery.  Special stitch effects and advanced features give you the tools you need to create beautiful embroidery.

Features such as DrawFusion that integrates your Corel Draw into our software, Vector Import, Branching and our Steil tool enable you to work efficiently and spend more time sewing designs and less time creating them.

Maestro Multimedia

Maestro Multimedia is the most sophisticated embroidery design package available today.  Advanced vector  functions, automated productivity enhancing features and specialty stitch effects provide the most powerful tools for creating breathtaking multimedia designs.  

Powerful features such as Fur Stitch, Auto Start/Stop, Wave Fill and Variable Stitch Density makes Maestro the designers dream. If you want it all, you want Maestro!

Software Updates and Upgrades

Your initial software purchase is only the beginning.  Staying up to date with the most current software versions and ensuring you are using the right level of software to fit your needs is crucial to your success.  The Tajima DG/ML by Pulse product line is continuosly evolving and regular updates add new technological features to enhance your productivity and most importantly, your profitability!