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Rhinestone (Gem) Embroidery

GEM by Pulse offers an innovative way to mix embroidery design with radiant rhinestones.  Take your favorite images and embroidery design files, and place rhinestones over design elements.  Watch as rhinestones illuminate key areas of a design, adding finesse to regular fabrics and garments like jeans and tee shirts.  Now you can transform standard designs into something new - with GEM by Pulse, you'll find it easy to make your next project a real gem!

Working off the same principal features of the Tajima DG/ML by Pulse, GEM by Pulse allows you to load your favorite photograph or bitmap image as a background on your screen.  Then you create the shapes of the image and place the rhinestones on top.  Change the color of rhinestones based on color changes and the sizes of stones.  If you'd rather work with embroidery, simply create or use an existing embroidery design file - stitch or outline fill formats.  Add a few rhinestones and then save the file with all of its design elements.

The design options are endless.