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Laser Design Fusion
Laser Embroidery

Laser Embroidery

SEIT Laser Design Fusion by Tajima DG/ML by Pulse makes design creation and intergration easy.  The familiar DG/ML by Pulse environment makes design workflow a breeze.  It includes all the necessary tools and functions you will need to produce quality embroidery laser designs.

The Laser Bridge is an ideal addition to an embroidery operation as it can be added over any kind of multi-head embroidery machine.  The Laser head can cut, engrave or etch directly onto the garment while the garment is still hooped on the machine, increasing productivity.

Creating applique designs has never been easier.  The embroidery designs are sewn by the machine, and then the laser accurately cuts the applique fabric without affecting the base garment.  Large jacket back appliques are no longer cumbersome.  Multi-layer applique designs - with 4-5 layers of fabric on top of each other - are accurately and reliably cut with the Laser.

Using this, embroidery designs can easily be converted into laser cut or laser fill segments, which are then read by the laser machine to cut, etch or engrave on the fabric.  The Automatic Trace Tool, with color tolerance, converts an image into laser cut outlines with ease.  Mergy embroidery lettering and get stunning results.  Take an existing embroidery design and use the offset feature to create a laser cut outline in a matter of seconds.  Adjust parameters such as Power, Speed, NUmber of Repetitions, Fabric Thickness, etch for each vector for precise cutting and engraving.

Small lettering is particularly suited for laser engraving, as the laser is so precise that it creates crips, clean lettering which is near impossibly with traditional embroidery.

There are many ways to intergrate laser and embroidery and the entire process is streamlined and highly productive, as a single operator can operate both the embroidery machine and the Laser bridge.

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