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Pulse Microsystems Embroidery Software

Since our partnership in 1990, we have been the exclusive U.S. distributor of the industry's leader in embroidery software, Pulse Microsystems. Through their cutting-edge programming, mathematics and embroidery expertise, Pulse Microsystems has offered many industry firsts, becoming an internationally recognized pioneer of technological innovations. Pulse Microsystems shows its continued commitment to staying the leader by offering an unmatched in-house support team, hand in hand professional alliances with Adobe Illustrator© and Corel© and maintaining their Microsoft© certifications. So whatever your embroidery software needs may be, we are confident Pulse Microsystems has the perfect solution for your business.

Embroidery Software Solutions

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse
With advanced lettering features, special stitch effects, and sophisticated embroidery creation directly from vectors, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse embroidery software has all the tools you need to create beautiful embroidery designs. Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Suite offers four different levels of sophisticated embroidery software to fit your need and any budget.

Specialty Embroidery Options
Pulse Microsystems offers innovative ways to mix traditional embroidery designs with specialty multimedia stitching and applications – such as Chenille, Sequin, Gem, Laser, Borer and Head Grouping – all within your existing Tajima DG/ML by Pulse software.

Embroidery i2 Plug-in
Just recently released, Embroidery i2 is the perfect solution for true graphic artists, screenprinters and promotional product companies wishing to add embroidery digitizing to their business. The only embroidery software that is both MAC and PC compatible, Embroidery i2 is a plug-in to your existing Adobe© Illustrator© or CorelDRAW© graphic programs, that gives you the ability to create embroidery designs directly inside without switching to another program.

Networking Solutions

Tajima Passport by Pulse
With Tajima Passport by Pulse, you can directly connect your computer to your embroidery machine using a serial cable or using a wireless router to efficiently send your designs to your embroidery machine. Just a few quick setup steps and you’ll be able to throw those tapes, floppy disk and USB memory sticks in a drawer.

Similar to the single machine direct connection of Tajima Passport by Pulse, XPressNet allows you to network multiple embroidery machines efficiently without requiring specialized software. This type of networking is essential for large embroidery companies with multiple embroidery machine operators.

Design Management Solutions

Librarian is a Digital Asset management solution for embroiderers and screen printers. An efficient way to manage embroidery designs and artwork, it eliminates the need for disks or tapes, and delivers a design management solution to all sections of the organization.  Librarian allows single or multiple users to access a central design database over a network easily and efficiently…so you will never waste time looking for designs, whether you share designs across the cubicle or across time zones!

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, Librarian helps you organize, manage, and find designs quickly.

Connected to the Tajima Librarian by Pulse Server, i-Librarian allows users to load, view, search, upload, categorize, print, email and more, using just a web browser.  Designs can be viewed and printed in 3D, presenting a more realistic view of the designs to your customers. i-Librarian is offered in Client and Viewer versions.

Enterprise Solutions

Let us custom build a software package for your company!

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