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Introducing the New EcoTex Dryers - the most Economical, Ecological and Highest Specification Textile Dryers on the market!

For over 20 years, Adelco have been at the forefront of drying technology for the Screen and Digital Textile print trades and for Industrial and Commercial drying Systems.  The Jet Force is World renowned and Adelco's top of the range, High Velcocity Hot Air conveyor drying system.   Available in gas fired, electric or dual energy options, to ensure the most efficient and cost effective drying solution for each individual printer.

  • Internal Gas, Electric or dual energy heat chambers.
  • Digital Belt Speed Display shows exact time of product in the oven.
  • Dual Air Distribution for even heat/air across the oven length and width.
  • Eco energy heat systems lowers energy consumption and reduces carbon footprint.
  • Integral exhaust connected from top of dryer.
  • Solid State Controls.
  • Fully modular for future expansion.
  • Highest airflow for maximum curing and minimum effect to fabrics.