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Embroidery Production & Operations

Can I use the same needle on everything, or do I need different needles for different garments?
How do I estimate stitch count for a design?
How much can I enlarge or reduce a design?
I'm having sewing quality issues with cap embroidery, what am I doing wrong?
Metallic Thread is causing me problems. Any suggestions?
Should I charge my customer for sample sewouts?
What information do I need to give my Digitizer for setting up a design?
What is the best material to use for sample swatches?
Which is the best thread to use, rayon or polyester?

Starting an Embroidery Business

How Do I Create the Ideal Embroidery Business?
How Do I Make Business Plans?
My Finance Company asked for monthly cash flow projections. How do I do this?
What About Sourcing?
What are my Equipment Options?
What Are My Financing Options?

Technical Service

How often should I clean underneath the needle plates?
How come one head will not stay in time with the others since I had a bird nest or had a broken needle?
How do I get out of Standby mode?
How do I reset a 3A6 error code?
How do I rotate my design?
How do I stop a 2CE error code?
I changed a needle and now it's not sewing properly. Whats wrong?
I may have hit a hoop. Why won't the needles go up or down?
If I stop sewing in the middle of a design and need to start over, how do I get back to the center of the hoop (starting point) and begin the design over or start a new one?
How do I troubleshoot thread breaks caused by burrs or scratches on the rotary hook?
Why am I getting lots of thread breaks?
When I was sewing, suddenly the thread and fabric was pulled down into the hole on the needle plate, causing the machine to stop. What happened?
Why am I breaking needles while sewing caps?
Why am I getting 291 errors and 293 errors when the top thread and bobbin thread are still connected?
Why am I getting a 311 error after breaking a needle?
Why are there tiny loops of thread on top of my finished design?
Why can't I color change and why I am getting a 382 error code?
Why can't I get the needle selection screen to come up?
Why do I get a 1B2 error on the machine in the middle of a design?
Why do I keep getting pullouts after every trim and color change in the machine?
Why does the machine give me a 1D2 error after so-many stitches?
Why is the bobbin thread showing on the top of my finished design?
Why is the machine grinding when the frame moves after I just deleted all the memory?